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Showered with Elegance!

Glamorous Retreats by Jan Showers

Glamorous Retreats by Jan Showers

Full of Southern charm and talent for days, the lovely and elegant Jan Showers graced us with her presence in Los Angeles. We mingled with Jan, coveted and her gorgeous jacket and got her beautiful book signed…The handsome man pictured is fantastic Patrick Dragonette, Dragonette Ltd has become one of the country’s top resources for high-end mid 20th-century design, including furniture, art and accessories, and has made a name for itself as a go-to source for designers across the country. Located on famed La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles, Patrick has become the goto for everything fabulous. We are delighted to have him in join us Las Vegas, sharing the his massive wealth of information!


Camp Counselors Lori Dennis, Patrick Dragonette, Jan Showers and Kelli Ellis at Harbinger, Los Angeles.





Interior Design Camp Orange County was a hit!

We are still buzzing from Interior Design Camp Orange County at the Laguna Design Center!  Each and every camp we learn something new and are filled with a fresh spark of enthusiasm.  This was our biggest and best camp yet (164!) and we’re so grateful to everyone who attended – Counselors, Campers and Sponsors.  You are all so amazing and YOU are what makes this event great!

This camp brought a theme of Passion and Positioning to our world of design.  Passion for what gets you out of bed in the morning, excites and drives you.  And Positioning your business, brand and marketing and how this all feeds back into your ultimate success.

Like everyone else, our brains were overflowing with so many ideas and inspiration, and our cheeks were sore from all the smiling and laughing.  We watched as connections were made, ah-ha sparks were lit and as camper Monica Nordquist said, had “a bonfire lit under me”.

Our line-up of incredible speakers this camp included the Design Elite Kathryn M IrelandTimothy CorriganNathan Turner, Adam Japko (Digital Sherpa), Cliff FongBarbara Deckmeyer, Katy Garrett (Connexion Software), Phil Pallen, Bill Indursky (Design Life Network), Julie Thigpen (Belle Maison), Paloma Contreras (La Dolce Vita), Builder John Finton, Pamela Jaccarino (Editor-in-Chief ofLuxe Interiors+Design), Jason Clark of HansgroheChristopher Kennedy, Christian May (Maison21), Tracy Burge and Julie Arcelay (Sub-Zero Wolf), Jeff Andrews, Brian Van Gorder (BVG PR), Rich Pedine (RP PR), Aaron Danzig (Williams-Sonoma), Jennifer Convy, and Penelope Francis.  Amazing!

The Opening Night Party, hosted by Sub-Wolf Zero was incredible and we had a wonderful time (despite the Southern California rain – what?)  P.S. We can’t wait to visit their huge new showroom in Orange County soon!

Kelli and I Gettin’ Glam


Adam Japko talking about our Design Tribe

Two of the most uplifting and inspiring speakers and friends, Christopher Kennedy and Timothy Corrigan
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Decide, Commit, Succeed

Do we feel like getting up at 5AM and doing 30 minutes of squats followed by 18 minutes of sit ups? Not really. Do we want to ballroom dance until our toes bruise and feet ache? Nope. But we know it’s going to give us the body we want and the first place trophy, so we commit and move forward.

Being a successful interior designer takes the same kind of dedication. It means being able to master budgeting, time management, marketing, scheduling, designing, inventory, installations, public relations, networking, administration, project management, client relations, HR, the list goes on. A lot of days, it feels just like waking up at 5AM to do an excruciating workout or 4 hours of Tango. Having a coach with a proven track record will give you the confidence to tackle your task, knowing that 5 minutes in you will feel the same level of satisfaction in your journey that we feel when we commit to our training goals.

Design Camp is that coach, actually it’s many top level coaches (who we lovingly refer to as Camp Counselors) motivating you and giving you the guidance you need to meet your career goals and SUCCEED. And although Design Camp is a lot fun, it is a financial, emotional and time investment that is sometimes difficult or even scary to make, but absolutely necessary to stay inspired and get what you want out of your interior design business.


Design Camp Counselors Lori Dennis and Kelli Ellis


Design Camp Counselor Barry Dixon w/ top designers Lisa Mende and Kandrac & Kole

So, like our coaches ask of us everyday, we invite you to DECIDE, COMMIT and SUCCEED on your professional course. We promise that if you join us at Design Camp, YOU WILL SEE RESULTS. And it may not even take you 5 minutes with us to become overjoyed, realizing that your journey to success has begun.


Design Camp Counselors Kelli Ellis, Nathan Turner and Lori Dennis


Design Camp Counselors Mitra Morgan Joss & Main and Jillian St. Charles HGTV


Design Camp Counselors Kelli Ellis, Pam Jaccarino EIC of Luxe Magazine and Lori Dennis

Our next camp is in Orange County, California on October 9-11 at the Laguna Design Center. Bring a friend and save $500.


Design Camp Orange Coutny Giveaways!

Who doesn’t love a great Giveaway?

Not only will you walk away from Design Camp feeling totally inspired and over-flowing with new ideas to catapult your business to the next level, but you could leave with a beautiful gift from one of our sponsors!  We can’t wait to see what they have to offer, and here are just a handful of goodies up for grabs.


Each camp, Hans Grohe does an interactive design challenge where the winner receives a Radiance Hand Shower.  We’re not lying when we tell you this is the best shower we’ve ever had.  It’s like heaven is raining down on our heads!

This elegant book, Charlotte Moss Decorates, or a stunning Gilt Twist Accent Table could be in your hot little hands, courtesy of Currey & Company.


Jaipur not only offers beautiful products, but their philosophy on social responsibility rings close to my heart.  They are giving back to the hard working and talented communities who are helping to create these rugs, and empowering them to find better financial and social stability.  And you may have a piece of these creations in your own home if you’re a lucky winner!



Arteriors has just joined in and will be offering something just as lovely as ever.  We love Arteriors!

Soicher Marin has promised to bring something brand new and exciting to camp and we’re dying to see what it is!

Our Sponsor Give-Aways keep getting better and better.  It’s the icing on the cake when you head home after a few great days at Design Camp!

We can’t wait to see your pretty faces in Orange County this October!
Register Today, seats are seriously filling FAST … 

XO, Lori and Kelli

 Bring a Friend and Save $500


Timothy Corrigan restores Chateau du Grand-Luce

Award winning designer, Timothy Corrigan, restores a French National Landmark in this trailer for his upcoming book, An Invitation to Chateau du Grand-Lucé, (Rizzoli New York, 2013.)

We are delighted to have Timothy speaking at Design Camp Orange County about his fantastic career and inspirations. Please enjoy this little teaser detailing his painstaking and gorgeous restoration. His stunning book is set to be released August 13th. Come get your signed copy at Camp!


Design Campus is Here!

Design Campus has been up and running for just over 24 hours and we’re already flooded with positive feedback an hundreds sign ups!  We’re so excited for everyone because we know how valuable this information is and we’ve heard how it’s transformed careers.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to make it to one of our Design Camps, this is a perfect way for you to take an online workshop in whatever topic interests you.  Our leading design speakers give you the latest tips and resources on Business, Social Media, Getting Published, Trends, Lighting, Kitchen and Bath and more!


If you’ve already attended one of our design camps and just want more or would like a refresher, here’s your chance.  As promised, Design Campus is a place to connect or reconnect with other passionate designers and business owners.  This is an honest, open and relaxed forum for everyone to share, ask questions, get answers – all in a supportive environment.

Your membership includes unlimited access to our entire library filled with instructional presentations, interviews with top expert interior designers, strategies to bring your business to the next level and more.

This could be you, but in front of your computer wearing PJs!

As a taster in these next few days, we’re offering membership for just $1!  WHAT?!  You’ll have instant access to exclusive videos from interior design experts from around the world!  After that,  it’s just $27 per month and feel free to cancel any time.

Don’t forget, our next Design Camp is October 9-11 in Orange County, CA – and I promise you, it’s gonna be GOOOOOOD!!!  Early Bird registration opens July 8 ($500 off baby!) and we’d love to see you there!

We’re so happy to be a part of this with you and can’t wait to hear how Design Camp and Design Campus have changed your life!



It’s a really GOOD thing…..

What does Design Camp and Martha Stewart have in common? We both love Design Camp Counselor Ronda Rice Carman!  

 Many of you know Ronda from her world renowned blog, All The Best, and as Design Camp’s fantastic, witty Counselor….


We are proud to announce her fabulous new book, Designers At Home,

forward by Martha Stewart!


Come meet, greet and learn from Ronda at Design Camp Seattle, May 1-3, and get a signed copy of her book!


Only 3 short weeks before we gather once again to inspire, recharge and redesign our Design Careers. Design Camp is the premiere event to “Learn. Connect. Design” 

 ”You can’t afford to miss Design Camp….Your career will never be the same!”


Bring a friend to Camp and Save $500! Hurry Seats are FILLING FAST!


Come meet, learn from, and mingle with Nathan Turner!

Your new fantastic Camp Counselors;

Mitra Morgan - Joss and Main ~ Shannon O’Leary - Editor of Northwest Home Magazine ~ Cassandra LaValle - coco+kelley ~ Randall Whitehead - Randall Whitehead Lighting ~ Keri Petersen - Seattle Staging Expert ~ Cassie Daughtrey - Sotheby’s Real Estate  ~ Phil Pallen - Social Media ~ Michael Strack - Sub Zero Wolf ~ Susan Marinello - Commercial Designer ~ Jillian St. Charles - ~ Mike Ragan - LA Design Magazine ~ and William-Sonoma!

and Welcome back to your Fantastic Camp Counselors;

Adam Japko - Design Bloggers Convention founder ~ Katy Garrett - Connexion Software ~ Bill Indursky - Vintage and Modern ~ Kimberley Seldon - Business of Design ~ Jason McNeely - Hansgrohe ~ Leslie Newsom Rascoe - Veranda Magazine ~ Shay Geyer - Good Morning Texas ~ Ronda Carman - All The Best and Author

Two Amazing Days of excitement and Education
Complimentary Gourmet Lunches and Snack Bar
Field Trip Cocktails Mixers
Design Camp Swag Bag Full of Goodies
Lifelong Friendships and Connections! 
“Now that I know what that kind of wonderful feels like, I implore you to find your Design Camp and go. Whatever industry you’re in or whatever your passions/hobbies are in this life find out where they’re holding a workshop and go feed your soul. If your passion is Interior Design then by any means necessary register for Design Camp like yesterday! You’ll be so grateful that you did.” ~ Atlanta Camper
We cannot wait to see you in Seattle. Get ready for the event of a your career!


Who’s Who Seattle and CEU’s …Oh my!


Design Camp Atlanta by Sarah Cain Design

Design Camp sounds like something you might do with your kids, but don’t be fooled by it’s name, this is a, seriously take your business to the next level, dynamic event!  Ultimately, Design Camp at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta was an amazing experience which will expand my opportunities and streamline my process.

Kelli Ellis, Me, Lori Dennis & Margaret Norcott

Kelli Ellis and Lori Dennis, our industrious leaders and Design Camp founders and my new friend and very talented designer, Margaret Norcott (Milieu Design Group).

V & M founder’s colorful presentation about Design Trends of 2013.
My table of Designers the First Day!
 The beginning of “Camp” we did not know what to expect, but we were all very excited to connect and share with our follow designers  and design industry leaders from around the globe!

Implementing proven systems which allow me to streamline the paperwork side of the business will give me more time to focus on my clients.

Geraldo Jackonelli, photographer and Ronda Carmon, All the Best blog

Advise on photographing our design work from the  photographer extraordinaire, Geraldo Jackonelli.

Annie Nozawa, Houzz Executive

Learning more about how to utilize Houzz to grow my business nationally and internationally was very insightful.  I had heard the founder of Houzz at The International Homes Furnishings Market talk about the opportunities for Designers on Houzz, but it took Annie’s presentation to motivate me to create my professional profile on their website.  The staff at Houzz is outstanding and very supportive of designers.

Kimberly Seldon, designer & trainer

Kimberly was one of my favorite speakers, she was hilarious and so on point for the ways designers might get in our own way in our business.  Her no-nonsense approach and advise was very helpful.

Kelli Ellis, Lori Dennis and HansGrohe executive

No one leaves design camp empty handed!  Lots of giveaways including a fabulous new shower head from Hans Grohe ( for all the attendees!!  It felt like the Oprah Show…everybody wins!!!  I can’t wait to install my fixture, my Master Bath redesign just got moved to the top of the list!

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